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This website provides UNOFFICIAL rankings and historical event times for Age Group (Ages 5 to 18) swimmers in selected regions of the United States.

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State/Region Latest Swim Meet SCY Swimmers LCM Swimmers
Alabama-Florida-Tennesee 2014 FHSAA 4A District 6 (10/25/2014) 12129 10890
California 2014 CA Rio Mesa SC October (10/25/2014) 21004 18295
Colorado-New Mexico-Utah-Wyoming 2014 WY Lander 31st Annual Spo (10/25/2014) 3004 6874
D.C.-Maryland-Virgina 2014 PV MAKO-PM 400 IM-200 Fly (10/25/2014) 12414 9700
Delaware-New Jersey-Pennsylvania 2014 Piranha Pentathlon (10/26/2014) 9002 8970
Georgia-North Carolina-South Carolina 2014 GA ASL Distance Day (10/26/2014) 10197 9579
Idaho-Montana-Oregon-Washington 2014 PN Port Angeles Spooktacu (10/26/2014) 6488 7705
Illinois 2nd Annual Lemont Park Distric (10/19/2014) 2751 7228
Kansas-Missouri-Nebraska-Oklahoma 2014 MW LSS Spooky Splash (10/25/2014) 5021 6026
Lake Erie-Michigan-Ohio 2014 Solon Stars Freestyle Fre (10/26/2014) 4975 8523
Louisana-Mississippi 2014 LA COSST B Meet (10/18/2014) 1662 1890
Minnesota-North Dakota-South Dakota-Wisconsin WFF 2014 Fall Preview (10/26/2014) 5100 7971
New York 2014 MR NCAC October Second Sp (10/26/2014) 7874 6837
Texas RICE Pentathlon (10/25/2014) 9391 8723
Total 112388 120350

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