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This website provides unofficial rankings and historical event times for competitive swimmers in Texas.

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This website contains a database of over 200,000 swimmers in the United States. If you would like to view the event times and swim rankings for a particular swimmer, please enter the name of the swimmer and/or swim team, and click on the Search button.

Latest Swim Meets

The Swim Rankings are updated on a regular basis. Typically, we will update the Swim Rankings within 48 hours of the results being posted.

LSC Date Short Course Meet Date Long Course Meet
Border Swimming 4/7/2018 2018 BD New Pool IMR 5/4/2018 2018 LCAT Suntan Classic
Gulf Swimming 5/5/2018 2018 May Gulf Sprint Series 5/18/2018 2018 Gulf May LC Meet
North Texas Swimming 5/19/2018 2018 COR BB-C Meet 5/18/2018 2018 MAC NT Senior Meet
South Texas Swimming 4/22/2018 2018 ST AAAA Nadadores Spring 5/18/2018 2018 ST ASC Castaway Classic
West Texas Swimming 2/23/2018 West Texas SC Championship 201 5/11/2018 Pete Ragus 2018

Number of Swim Meets

LSC Short Course Meets (9/1/2017 to 5/20/2018) Long Course Meets (9/1/2017 to 5/20/2018)
Border Swimming 16 1
Gulf Swimming 110 8
North Texas Swimming 73 10
South Texas Swimming 93 15
West Texas Swimming 17 4
Total 309 38

Number of Swimmers

LSC Short Course Swimmers Long Course Swimmers
Border Swimming 769 220
Gulf Swimming 8074 2983
North Texas Swimming 4885 1992
South Texas Swimming 5257 2841
West Texas Swimming 632 324
Total 19617 8360

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