This is the list of the last 10 swim meets that we have processed for the Local Swim Committee (LSC). Note: only those swim meets that are within the LSC are listed.

If you find that we are missing the results of a swim meet, please send an email to Please wait 48 hours after the results have been posted, before contacting us.

Arizona Swimming - Latest Meets

Date Short Course Meet Date Long Course Meet
11/12/2022 2022 AZ RPC Bill Krumm Classic 7/14/2022 2022 AZ LC Age Group State Championship
11/12/2022 2022 AZ JSC Fall Invite 7/8/2022 2022 AZ LC Regionals @YWSF
11/12/2022 Mesa Aquatics Club IM Invite 7/8/2022 2022 AZ LC Regionals @SAC
11/11/2022 2021-2022 USA Swimming IMXtrem 7/8/2022 2022 AZ LC Regionals @PSC
11/7/2022 2022 AZ PSC SR Time Trial 6/30/2022 AZ 2022 Senior Long Course Cha
11/6/2022 2022 AZ GM Day After Intersquad 6/25/2022 AZAC 2022 June Sizzler
11/5/2022 2022 AZ NEP Harvest Splash 6/24/2022 2022 AZ SAC Intrasquad #2
11/4/2022 2022 AZ AIA Division 2 6/24/2022 2022 AZ DTAC Starlight Invitational
11/4/2022 2022 AZ AIA Division 1 6/23/2022 2022 Singapore 17th National Swimming Champs
10/29/2022 2022 AZ DTAC Spooky Fast Invite 6/18/2022 2022 AZ FORD Summer Splash

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