Clovis Swim Club

200 Yards Freestyle

9/1/2020 to 8/31/2021

Short Course Yards (SCY)

Rankings by Current Season

We offer two types of swimmer rankings:Current Season and Career Best.

The Current Season rankings only include results from swim meets that have occurred between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021.The Career Best rankings are based upon career best times for each event.

This set of rankings is based only upon results from swim meets that have occurred between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021.

Age is the swimmer's age on the date of the swim meet.

Swimmer Age at Meet Team Time Date Swim Meet
116Unattached 1:52.68 5/28/21CC CIF CENTRAL
216Clovis Swim Club 1:54.3012/11/20T LAC ARENA Win
315Unattached 1:55.15 5/28/21CC CIF CENTRAL
414Clovis Swim Club 1:56.20 2/20/21CC Clovis vs TN
515Clovis Swim Club 1:57.09 4/09/21CC April Senior
615Clovis Swim Club 1:57.39 3/06/21CC Clovis Swim
716Unattached 1:57.98 5/28/21CC CIF CENTRAL
816Unattached 1:58.66 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
917Unattached 1:59.11 5/28/21CC CIF CENTRAL
1017Clovis Swim Club 1:59.91 2/20/21CC Clovis vs TN
1116Clovis Swim Club 2:04.45 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
1218Machine Aquatics 2:04.51 1/30/21PV Ice Bath Spl
1314Clovis Swim Club 2:05.15 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
1416Clovis Swim Club 2:05.47 4/09/21CC April Senior
1515Clovis Swim Club 2:05.73 4/09/21CC April Senior
1612Clovis Swim Club 2:06.19 2/13/21CC TNT v CSC 12
1716Clovis Swim Club 2:06.61 4/09/21CC April Senior
1817Clovis Swim Club 2:06.7711/13/20AZ HEAT SOUTHES
1915Clovis Swim Club 2:07.02 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
2013Clovis Swim Club 2:08.17 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
2114Clovis Swim Club 2:08.58 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
2218Clovis Swim Club 2:08.83 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
2315Clovis Swim Club 2:09.63 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
2417Clovis Swim Club 2:10.84 2/20/21CC Clovis vs TN
2511Clovis Swim Club 2:11.02 2/13/21CC TNT v CSC 12
2614Clovis Swim Club 2:11.15 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
2714Clovis Swim Club 2:11.25 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
2814Clovis Swim Club 2:12.61 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
2913Clovis Swim Club 2:14.69 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
3014Clovis Swim Club 2:14.69 2/13/21CC TNT v CSC 12
3114Clovis Swim Club 2:16.16 2/13/21CC TNT v CSC 12
3215Clovis Swim Club 2:18.09 2/20/21CC Clovis vs TN
3312Clovis Swim Club 2:18.18 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
3416Clovis Swim Club 2:18.40 2/20/21CC Clovis vs TN
3511Clovis Swim Club 2:20.99 3/06/21CC Clovis Swim
3614Clovis Swim Club 2:21.81 2/13/21CC TNT v CSC 12
3711Clovis Swim Club 2:22.79 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
3815Clovis Swim Club 2:22.99 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
3915Clovis Swim Club 2:23.39 2/20/21CC Clovis vs TN
4014Clovis Swim Club 2:24.71 2/13/21CC TNT v CSC 12
4113Clovis Swim Club 2:24.74 2/13/21CC TNT v CSC 12
4214Clovis Swim Club 2:26.89 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
4314Clovis Swim Club 2:28.58 2/13/21CC TNT v CSC 12
4416Clovis Swim Club 2:30.07 2/20/21CC Clovis vs TN
4514Clovis Swim Club 2:30.35 2/13/21CC TNT v CSC 12
4612Clovis Swim Club 2:30.42 3/06/21CC Clovis Swim
4711Clovis Swim Club 2:34.56 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
4810Clovis Swim Club 2:34.66 3/06/21CC Clovis Swim
49 9Clovis Swim Club 2:34.85 3/06/21CC TNT v CSC 9
5011Clovis Swim Club 2:35.86 2/27/21CC Clovis Swim
5110Clovis Swim Club 2:36.92 2/27/21CC Clovis Swim
5212Clovis Swim Club 2:39.14 2/13/21CC TNT v CSC 12
5311Clovis Swim Club 2:41.36 2/27/21CC Clovis Swim
5410Clovis Swim Club 2:59.60 3/06/21CC Clovis Swim
5518Clovis Swim Club 3:00.11 2/20/21CC Clovis vs TN
5611Clovis Swim Club 3:03.65 2/27/21CC Clovis Swim
57 9Clovis Swim Club 3:05.47 3/06/21CC TNT v CSC 9
5810Clovis Swim Club 3:13.88 3/06/21CC Clovis Swim
5917Clovis Swim Club 3:14.54 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
60 9Clovis Swim Club 3:27.25 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
61 9Clovis Swim Club 3:27.70 3/06/21CC TNT v CSC 9
62 9Clovis Swim Club 3:34.21 3/26/21CC Clovis Swim
63 9Clovis Swim Club 3:34.33 3/06/21CC TNT v CSC 9
6411Clovis Swim Club 4:18.62 2/27/21CC Clovis Swim

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