Gabriel Jett

LSC Central California
Age 18
Sex Male

800 Meter/1000 Yard Freestyle Rankings

Best Time

Event Time Age at Meet Date Meet
1000 Yd Free 9:10.74 17 10/31/2019 2019 CA Kevin B Perry Sr Meet
800 M Free 8:14.35 17 12/4/2019 2019 Toyota U.S. Open

Upcoming Championship Meets

Meet Date Age Equal or Faster Time Rank Needs to Drop
4/8/2117-1810:14.09* 9:10.74
6/13/21All 8:12.99 8:14.35-1.36 sec0.3%
The 2021 Speedo Far Western Championship meet has not released the qualification time standards. We are temporarily using the time standards from the last Speedo Far Western Championship meet (4/4/2019).

If you find that this season's meet information sheet is available, please send an email to and we will update the time standards for the meet.

Current Season Rankings

Event Group Date Time Std Points CLOV Central Calif-Nev
SCY No eligible events in ranking period
LCM No eligible events during ranking period

Rankings by Career Best

Event Group Date Time CLOV Central Calif-Nev WesternUSA
1000 Yd Free 17-18 10/31/19 9:10.74
800 M Free 17-18 12/04/19 8:14.35

NCAA College Swimming Comparison

If you would like to see a comparison of Gabriel Jett's 1000 Yard Freestyle time with the fastest 1000 Yard Freestyle times for NCAA college swimmers from each Conference and team, please click on one of the NCAA divisions below. Note: The NCAA college comparisons are provided for entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee nor predict that Gabriel Jett will receive an athletic scholarship, be recruited, or gain admission to a college or university based on this information.

1000 Freestyle Percentile Ranks Gabriel Jett
Total Swimmers Average 10% 30% 50% 70% 90% Time Rank
2011-2020 6864 686 9:16.17 9:34.53 9:48.69 10:04.87 10:36.12 9:10.74 6%
2011-2020 3215 321 9:26.16 9:47.04 10:08.74 10:36.20 11:23.79 9:10.74 2%
2011-2020 9754 975 10:04.42 10:29.75 10:51.23 11:18.59 12:18.86 9:10.74 1%

1000 Yards Freestyle

Date Age Time Standard Power Points Swim Team Swim Meet
10/31/2019 17 9:10.74 AAAA 885 Clovis Swim Club 2019 CA Kevin B Perry Sr Meet
10/22/2016 14 11:35.68 BB 394 Clovis Swim Club 2016 Gil Williams Memorial Hal

800 Meters Freestyle

Date Age Time Standard Power Points Swim Team Swim Meet
12/4/2019 17 8:14.35 AAAA 882 Clovis Swim Club 2019 Toyota U.S. Open
9/29/2019 16 9:03.70 AAA 636 Clovis Swim Club 2019 SN SMST SuperLeague
7/12/2019 16 8:33.24 AAAA 789 Clovis Swim Club 2019 PC SCSC Summer Super League
5/25/2019 16 8:48.16 AAA 712 Clovis Swim Club 2019 Snyder Memorial Meet

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