Mid Atlantic Swimming

Boys Age 15 & 16
50 Yards Freestyle

9/1/2020 to 8/31/2021

Short Course Yards (SCY)

Rankings by Current Season

We offer two types of swimmer rankings:Current Season and Career Best.

The Current Season rankings only include results from swim meets that have occurred between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021.The Career Best rankings are based upon career best times for each event.

This set of rankings is based only upon results from swim meets that have occurred between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021.

Age is the swimmer's age on the date of the swim meet.

Swimmer Age at Meet Team Time Date Swim Meet
116YMCA of Vineland Seal21.0612/10/20Winter 18 & Und
216YMCA of Delaware 21.10 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
316Gpac Blue 21.11 4/22/21Middle Atlantic
416YMCA of Delaware 21.1412/10/20Winter 18 & Und
516Unattached 21.23 2/28/21PIAA DISTRICT X
616YORK YMCA SWIMMING 21.23 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
716Ridley Area YMCA 21.40 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
816Nittany Lion Aquatic 21.5610/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
916Unattached 21.60 2/23/21GA PC Interact
1016UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA21.65 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
1115Boyertown Area YMCA21.6612/04/20KA Christmas Me
1216Suburban Seahawks Clu21.67 3/26/21Senior Keystone
1315Suburban Seahawks Clu21.75 4/22/21Middle Atlantic
1416YMCA OF READING & BER21.77 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
1516Jersey Wahoos 21.78 3/26/21Senior Keystone
1616Lionville Community Y21.81 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
1715Lower Moreland Swimmi21.82 3/14/21MA OB PIAA Boy
1816Unattached 21.85 2/28/21PIAA DISTRICT X
1916Emmaus Aquatic Club21.8712/04/20KA Christmas Me
2016South Jersey Aquatic 21.88 4/22/21Middle Atlantic
2116DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 21.89 5/01/21SSC Spring Blue
2216South Jersey Aquatic 21.89 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
2316Unattached 21.89 2/19/21MA OB MID PENN
2416Unattached 21.91 3/06/21MA OB PIAA Dist
2516Keystone Aquatics 21.94 3/26/21Senior Keystone
2616DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 21.95 3/26/21VA EZ SC Speedo
2716Keystone Aquatics 21.9811/20/20KA Thanksgiving
2816Greater Philadelphia 22.07 4/23/21MA GPAC George
2916South Jersey Aquatic 22.0812/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
3015Jersey Wahoos 22.09 2/27/21MA JW Feb 2021
3116Suburban Seahawks Clu22.0910/09/20MA SSC Sprint S
3215YORK YMCA SWIMMING 22.11 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
3315Unattached 22.11 2/26/21MA OB Delaware
3416Lower Moreland Swimmi22.1412/04/20KA Christmas Me
3516Unattached 22.17 2/28/21MA OB PIAA AA S
3616Ridley Area YMCA 22.18 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
3716Unattached 22.22 2/26/21MA OB PIAA Dist
3816Parkland Aquatic Club22.2212/04/20KA Christmas Me
3916North Penn Aquatic Cl22.23 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
4016Keystone Aquatics 22.24 3/26/21Senior Keystone
4116Unattached 22.28 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
4216Unattached 22.29 2/28/21PIAA DISTRICT X
4316Emmaus Aquatic Club22.2912/04/20KA Christmas Me
4416YMCA OF READING & BER22.29 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
4516UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA22.2912/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
4616CENTRAL YORK AQUATICS22.3110/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
4716Parkland Aquatic Club22.3212/04/20KA Christmas Me
4816Unattached 22.32 2/28/21PIAA DISTRICT X
4915Mercersburg Academy22.33 5/07/21Mercersburg Aca
5015North Penn Aquatic Cl22.33 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
5116Unattached 22.36 2/27/21MA OB District
5216Medford Wave 22.39 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
5316YORK YMCA SWIMMING 22.4012/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
5416Keystone Aquatics 22.4012/04/20KA Christmas Me
5516YMCA of Delaware 22.42 3/06/21MA AP YSCAP Lea
5616Penn Charter Aquatic 22.4712/10/20Winter 18 & Und
5716Malvern Swimming Asso22.49 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
5816Nittany Lion Aquatic 22.52 3/14/21MA OB PIAA Boys
5915Jersey Wahoos 22.53 4/23/21MA GPAC George
6015Hanover YMCA Stingray22.55 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
6115Radnor Aquatic Club22.56 3/26/21Senior Keystone
6215MLY Phoenix 22.58 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
6316Unattached 22.58 3/14/21MA OB PIAA Boys
6415Eht Seahawks 22.59 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
6515Springfield Aquatic C22.59 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
6616YORK YMCA SWIMMING 22.5912/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
6715Unattached 22.59 3/26/21Senior Keystone
6816Methacton Aquatic Clu22.59 3/26/21Senior Keystone
6916Nittany Lion Aquatic 22.6710/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
7015Jersey Wahoos 22.68 4/23/21MA GPAC George
7116Unattached 22.70 2/26/21MA OB PIAA Dist
7216YMCA OF READING & BER22.73 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
7316Ridley Area YMCA 22.75 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
7416LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU22.7510/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
7515Episcopal Academy Aqu22.7612/04/20KA Christmas Me
7616Keystone Aquatics 22.7911/20/20KA Thanksgiving
7716Five Star Swim Club22.8110/11/20MA FSSC Closed
7816Suburban Seahawks Clu22.8210/09/20MA SSC Sprint S
7916George School Aquatic22.8512/04/20KA Christmas Me
8016UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA22.86 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
8115Unattached 22.87 2/27/21MA OB District
8216YORK YMCA SWIMMING 22.88 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
8315Greater Philadelphia 22.90 4/23/21MA GPAC George
8416YMCA of Delaware 22.91 4/08/21MA AP YMCA Swim
8516Unattached 22.91 4/23/21MA GPAC George
8616Jersey Wahoos 22.92 4/23/21MA GPAC George
8715Jersey Wahoos 22.93 4/23/21MA GPAC George
8816South Jersey Aquatic 22.93 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
8916Jennersville YMCA 22.95 3/13/21MA AP YMCAGBW 1
9016Unattached 22.97 2/28/21MA OB PIAA AA S
9116YMCA OF READING & BER22.98 3/07/21MA AP RY vs Rid
9215Tops Swimming 22.98 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
9316Suburban Seahawks Clu22.98 3/20/21SSC Blue and Go
9415Eht Seahawks 23.01 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
9516Unattached 23.01 2/27/21MA OB District
9615Unattached 23.0211/21/20Fall Sprint Mee
9715Unattached 23.03 2/28/21PIAA DISTRICT X
9816Friends Central Aquat23.0510/24/20MA FCA Fall Int
9916Greater Philadelphia 23.07 4/23/21MA GPAC George
10016Mercersburg Academy23.09 5/07/21Mercersburg Aca
10116WSY SWIMMING 23.09 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
10216South Jersey Aquatic 23.10 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
10316Emmaus Aquatic Club23.12 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
10416Gpac Blue 23.1211/21/20BLUE November 2
10515East Coast C-Cerpants23.12 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
10616Upper Dublin Aquatic 23.13 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
10715Gpac Blue 23.1411/21/20BLUE November 2
10815Hanover YMCA Stingray23.17 2/12/21KA Penguin Plun
10916Emmaus Aquatic Club23.18 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
11015WSY SWIMMING 23.18 3/06/21MA AP YSCAP Lea
11115Gpac Blue 23.2011/21/20BLUE November 2
11215Greater Philadelphia 23.20 4/23/21MA GPAC George
11315DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 23.22 5/01/21SSC Spring Blue
11416LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU23.2411/20/20KA Thanksgiving
11515Unattached 23.24 3/20/21BWA ABBC March
11615Nittany Lion Aquatic 23.2610/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
11716Eht Seahawks 23.28 4/23/21MA GPAC George
11816Suburban Seahawks Clu23.28 3/20/21SSC Blue and Go
11915Lansdown Marlins 23.29 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
12016Unattached 23.31 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
12116Wilmington Aquatic Cl23.33 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
12215Emmaus Aquatic Club23.3412/04/20KA Christmas Me
12315Germantown Academy Aq23.3411/20/20MA GAAC Novembe
12415South Jersey Aquatic 23.3410/17/20MA SJAC Dual in
12516Greater Philadelphia 23.35 4/23/21MA GPAC George
12615Greater Susquehanna V23.35 3/12/21MA YY AP YMCA R
12715Lower Moreland Swimmi23.3812/04/20KA Christmas Me
12815Boyertown Area YMCA23.4210/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
12916Upper Dublin Aquatic 23.42 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
13015East Coast C-Cerpants23.44 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
13115South Jersey Aquatic 23.4512/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
13216Parkland Swimming Clu23.46 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
13315LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU23.46 2/12/21KA Penguin Plun
13415Five Star Swim Club23.48 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
13616UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA23.5211/06/20MA SJAC State C
13715LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU23.5210/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
13815Five Star Swim Club23.55 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
13915Phoenixville YMCA Swi23.55 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
14116Mercersburg Academy23.59 4/09/21MA Mercersburg
14215UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA23.6012/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
14316LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU23.60 2/12/21KA Penguin Plun
14416South Jersey Aquatic 23.61 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
14515Phoenixville YMCA Swi23.62 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
14616Emmaus Aquatic Club23.63 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
14715Suburban Seahawks Clu23.63 3/20/21SSC Blue and Go
14816Lower Moreland Swimmi23.64 4/17/21MA LMOR April I
14916Nittany Lion Aquatic 23.6510/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
15016Rocket Swimming 23.6711/06/20MA SJAC State C
15116Unattached 23.68 3/05/21MA PIAA DISTRIC
15215Lansdown Marlins 23.69 3/06/21MA AP YSCAP Lea
15316Medford Wave 23.6911/06/20MA SJAC State C
15415DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 23.69 2/26/21MA OB Delaware
15516Suburban Seahawks Clu23.70 3/20/21SSC Blue and Go
15616YMCA of Delaware 23.7111/21/20Fall Sprint Mee
15716Nrg Swimming 23.71 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
15815Phoenixville YMCA Swi23.72 3/12/21MA YY AP YMCA R
15915Greater Philadelphia 23.73 4/23/21MA GPAC George
16016West Chester Area Y M23.73 2/27/21MA AP Michelle
16116Phoenixville YMCA Swi23.73 3/06/21MA AP YSCAP Lea
16215UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA23.73 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
16315West Chester Area Y M23.74 3/13/21MA AP YMCAGBW 1
16416Upper Dublin Aquatic 23.74 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
16516UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA23.7912/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
16616Emmaus Aquatic Club23.81 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
16716Friends Central Aquat23.81 3/07/21FCA Blue-Gray C
16816Medford Wave 23.82 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
16915YORK YMCA SWIMMING 23.82 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
17016LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU23.82 3/26/21Senior Keystone
17116Marauder Swim Club 23.85 1/23/21MA FSSC John Ap
17216Ridley Area YMCA 23.86 3/07/21MA AP RY vs Rid
17315Dolphins Community Aq23.88 1/15/21KA New Year's I
17416South Jersey Aquatic 23.8812/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
17516MLY Phoenix 23.88 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
17616Unattached 23.89 2/27/21MA OB District
17716Eht Seahawks 23.9011/06/20MA SJAC State C
17816Keystone Aquatics 23.9011/20/20KA Thanksgiving
17916DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 23.9111/21/20Fall Sprint Mee
18016MLY Phoenix 23.91 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
18116South Jersey Aquatic 23.9212/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
18215South Jersey Aquatic 23.92 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
18316Upper Dublin Aquatic 23.94 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
18415GETTYSBURG SHARKS SWI23.9511/14/20MA WSY Thanksgi
18516Eht Seahawks 23.96 4/23/21MA GPAC George
18615Upper Dublin Aquatic 23.96 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
18716YMCA of Delaware 23.98 3/20/21MA AP YMCA of D
18816YMCA of Delaware 23.9811/21/20Fall Sprint Mee
18915Jersey Wahoos 23.98 4/23/21MA GPAC George
19015Unattached 23.98 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
19115Boyertown Area YMCA24.0010/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
19216Lower Moreland Swimmi24.00 4/17/21MA LMOR April I
19315YORK YMCA SWIMMING 24.01 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
19415Ridley Area YMCA 24.02 3/07/21MA AP RY vs Rid
19515Malvern Swimming Asso24.02 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
19615Greater Philadelphia 24.03 4/23/21MA GPAC George
19715Penn Charter Aquatic 24.0312/04/20KA Christmas Me
19816MLY Phoenix 24.0412/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
19916Keystone Aquatics 24.0911/20/20KA Thanksgiving
20015LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU24.1111/20/20KA Thanksgiving
20116Phoenixville YMCA Swi24.1211/06/20MA YY Tournamen
20215Five Star Swim Club24.1310/11/20MA FSSC Closed
20316Greater Philadelphia 24.13 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
20415YMCA OF READING & BER24.13 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
20515DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 24.1511/21/20Fall Sprint Mee
20615South Jersey Aquatic 24.15 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
20716Blue Wave Aquatics 24.15 3/20/21BWA ABBC March
20816Pocono Family YMCA 24.1910/04/20MA AP YY YASCP
20916Suburban Seahawks Clu24.19 5/01/21SSC Spring Blue
21016Suburban Seahawks Clu24.19 2/20/21FSSC February C
21116Eht Seahawks 24.22 4/23/21MA GPAC George
21216Westtown Aquatic Club24.24 5/01/21SSC Spring Blue
21316Unattached 24.27 2/28/21PIAA DISTRICT X
21415Malvern Swimming Asso24.27 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
21516Unattached 24.27 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
21616Five Star Swim Club24.28 2/20/21FSSC February C
21715George School Aquatic24.30 4/17/21MA LMOR April I
21816Keystone Aquatics 24.3011/20/20KA Thanksgiving
21916South Jersey Aquatic 24.33 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
22015DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 24.3511/21/20Fall Sprint Mee
22115Emmaus Aquatic Club24.36 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
22215South Jersey Aquatic 24.3612/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
22315YORK YMCA SWIMMING 24.38 3/06/21MA AP YSCAP Lea
22416YORK YMCA SWIMMING 24.3812/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
22515DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 24.3811/21/20Fall Sprint Mee
22616Wilmington Aquatic Cl24.3811/20/20KA Thanksgiving
22715East Coast C-Cerpants24.40 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
22816Ridley Area YMCA 24.41 3/07/21MA AP RY vs Rid
22916South Jersey Aquatic 24.4211/06/20MA SJAC State C
23015Tide Water Aquatics C24.4310/24/20MA TWAC October
23115Gpac Blue 24.46 3/27/21BLUE Duck Derby
23216Tide Water Aquatics C24.4711/21/20MA TWAC GOBBLER
23316Friends Central Aquat24.48 3/19/21FCA Early Sprin
23415LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU24.48 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
23515Malvern Swimming Asso24.50 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
23616UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA24.5011/06/20MA SJAC State C
23716MLY Phoenix 24.5012/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
23816UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA24.5211/06/20MA SJAC State C
23915South Jersey Aquatic 24.5210/17/20MA SJAC Dual in
24015George School Aquatic24.54 4/24/21GSA Closed Invi
24115UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA24.5412/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
24215Central Bucks Swim Te24.55 2/27/21CBST Intra-Squa
24316Jersey Wahoos 24.55 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
24415Keystone Aquatics 24.5510/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
24515Greater Philadelphia 24.57 3/19/21GPAC March Inte
24615Marauder Swim Club 24.5810/11/20MA FSSC Closed
24715Jersey Wahoos 24.5911/13/20MA JW GPAC Than
24816Lancaster Family YMCA24.60 2/20/21FSSC February C
25016Ridley Area YMCA 24.61 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
25116UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA24.6210/17/20MA SJAC Dual in
25216Keystone Aquatics 24.63 2/12/21KA Penguin Plun
25316Gpac Blue 24.6811/21/20BLUE November 2
25415Medford Wave 24.68 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
25515Radnor Aquatic Club24.72 1/23/21MA FSSC John Ap
25616YORK YMCA SWIMMING 24.7212/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
25715Wilmington Aquatic Cl24.72 4/24/21GSA Closed Invi
25815Unattached 24.72 3/20/21BWA ABBC March
25916WSY SWIMMING 24.7711/14/20WSY Thanksgivin
26016Dolphins Community Aq24.77 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
26115South Jersey Aquatic 24.7712/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
26216Lancaster Family YMCA24.78 2/20/21FSSC February C
26315Five Star Swim Club24.78 2/20/21FSSC February C
26415Westtown Aquatic Club24.78 5/01/21SSC Spring Blue
26515Parkland Swimming Clu24.83 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
26616South Jersey Aquatic 24.83 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
26716Nrg Swimming 24.85 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
26815Greater Susquehanna V24.86 3/06/21MA AP YSCAP Lea
26915Jersey Wahoos 24.88 1/29/21JW and GPAC IMX
27015Upper Dublin Aquatic 24.90 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
27115Suburban Seahawks Clu24.91 3/20/21SSC Blue and Go
27215Gpac Blue 24.9211/21/20BLUE November 2
27316Greater Philadelphia 24.92 4/23/21MA GPAC George
27415DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 24.92 5/01/21SSC Spring Blue
27515Keystone Aquatics 24.9310/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
27616Friends Central Aquat24.94 3/19/21FCA Early Sprin
27716YMCA of Delaware 24.96 3/20/21MA AP YMCA of D
27815Eht Seahawks 24.99 4/23/21MA GPAC George
27916Friends Select Aquati25.00 5/01/21SSC Spring Blue
28016Phoenixville YMCA Swi25.0112/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
28115Lancaster Family YMCA25.04 2/20/21FSSC February C
28215Eht Seahawks 25.04 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
28315YORK YMCA SWIMMING 25.04 3/26/21MA AP YMCA Regi
28416Tops Swimming 25.04 2/12/21KA Penguin Plun
28515Eht Seahawks 25.06 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
28615Jersey Wahoos 25.10 4/23/21MA GPAC George
28715JCC Sharks of Delawar25.10 2/26/21MA OB Delaware
28815George School Aquatic25.14 4/24/21GSA Closed Invi
28915Five Star Swim Club25.14 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
29015South Jersey Aquatic 25.1710/17/20MA SJAC Dual in
29115Dolphins Community Aq25.19 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
29215Dolphins Community Aq25.20 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
29316Pacers Aquatic Club 25.2011/06/20MD Virtual Meet
29415George School Aquatic25.21 4/24/21GSA Closed Invi
29515Eht Seahawks 25.21 4/23/21MA GPAC George
29615Wilmington Aquatic Cl25.25 4/24/21GSA Closed Invi
29716South Jersey Aquatic 25.25 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
29816Nrg Swimming 25.27 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
29916Medford Wave 25.28 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
30015Mako Swim Club 25.30 1/30/21MA MAKO Winter
30115Five Star Swim Club25.31 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
30216North Penn Aquatic Cl25.31 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
30315Gpac Blue 25.3310/24/20MA BLUE NT Bust
30415Boyertown Area YMCA25.3410/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
30516Boys & Girls Club of 25.40 2/26/21MA OB Delaware
30616South Jersey Aquatic 25.4212/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
30715YORK YMCA SWIMMING 25.4512/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
30815Medford Wave 25.46 3/20/21BWA ABBC March
30916Penn Charter Aquatic 25.47 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
31015Greater Philadelphia 25.48 2/27/21MA JW Feb 2021
31115East Coast C-Cerpants25.5111/06/20MA SJAC State C
31216YORK YMCA SWIMMING 25.53 2/19/21MA York Y Winte
31315UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA25.5312/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
31415Wilmington Aquatic Cl25.53 4/24/21GSA Closed Invi
31516Malvern Swimming Asso25.54 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
31616MLY Phoenix 25.5412/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
31715Emmaus Aquatic Club25.57 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
31816Tops Swimming 25.58 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
31916UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA25.6112/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
32016WSY SWIMMING 25.6212/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
32116Mako Swim Club 25.64 4/09/21B&G Clubs Natio
32216Greater Philadelphia 25.6511/13/20MA JW GPAC Than
32315South Jersey Aquatic 25.6811/06/20MA SJAC State C
32416Hatboro-Horsham USA25.69 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
32515Eht Seahawks 25.7012/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
32615UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA25.7212/04/20TYR Brian Gunn
32815South Jersey Aquatic 25.77 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
32915East Coast C-Cerpants25.79 3/25/21SJAC Gator Clas
33015Lancaster Family YMCA25.81 2/20/21FSSC February C
33116LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU25.8110/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
33216LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU25.8511/14/20WSY Thanksgivin
33316DELAWARE SWIM TEAM 25.8811/21/20Fall Sprint Mee
33415Tide Water Aquatics C25.90 4/23/21MA GPAC George
33515Tide Water Aquatics C25.9210/24/20MA TWAC October
33615Lower Moreland Swimmi25.94 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
33716MLY Phoenix 25.97 3/19/21NJ AP OCY Winte
33815South Jersey Aquatic 26.01 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
33915South Jersey Aquatic 26.01 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
34115Ridley Area YMCA 26.0810/24/20MA AP WSY YSCAP
34215Dolphins Community Aq26.09 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
34315Greater Philadelphia 26.10 4/23/21MA GPAC George
34415Keystone Aquatics 26.1111/20/20KA Thanksgiving
34515Greater Philadelphia 26.12 4/23/21MA GPAC George
34615North Penn Aquatic Cl26.12 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
34716Emmaus Aquatic Club26.17 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
34815Jennersville YMCA 26.18 3/13/21MA AP YMCAGBW 1
34915Malvern Swimming Asso26.19 3/25/21MA FSSC March O
35015Wilmington Aquatic Cl26.2010/09/20MA SSC Sprint S
35115YORK YMCA SWIMMING 26.26 3/06/21MA AP YSCAP Lea
35216LANCASTER AQUATIC CLU26.2610/16/20MA KA Fall Clos
35315South Jersey Aquatic 26.3110/17/20MA SJAC Dual in
35415Malvern Swimming Asso26.35 2/20/21FSSC February C
35515BeFirst Swim Team 26.38 3/20/21SSC Blue and Go
35615Jersey Wahoos 26.43 2/27/21MA JW Feb 2021
35715Greater Philadelphia 26.5311/13/20MA JW GPAC Than
35815Emmaus Aquatic Club26.54 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
35915Tide Water Aquatics C26.5611/21/20MA TWAC GOBBLER
36016Emmaus Aquatic Club26.6011/29/20EMAC PSC TOPS 1
36115Greater Philadelphia 26.6211/13/20MA JW GPAC Than
36215Pennsylvania Aquatics26.71 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
36315North Penn Aquatic Cl26.71 3/26/21UDAC Welcome Sp
36416Friends Central Aquat26.73 3/19/21FCA Early Sprin
36516MLY Phoenix 26.79 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
36616Boys & Girls Club of 26.8511/21/20Fall Sprint Mee
36716Hatboro-Horsham USA26.88 4/30/21UDAC May Closed
36815YMCA of Delaware 26.93 1/30/21MA MAKO Winter
36916MLY Phoenix 26.93 3/19/21NJ AP OCY Winte
37015JCC Sharks of Delawar26.96 3/20/21SSC Blue and Go
37115South Jersey Aquatic 26.9711/06/20MA SJAC State C
37216Rocket Swimming 27.0411/06/20MA SJAC State C
37315CENTRAL YORK AQUATICS27.1211/14/20MA WSY Thanksgi
37415MLY Phoenix 27.16 3/19/21NJ AP OCY Winte
37516Parkland Swimming Clu27.18 3/20/21EMAC vs PSC Mar
37615Parkland Aquatic Club27.25 1/15/21KA New Year's I
37715Jersey Wahoos 27.33 4/23/21MA GPAC George
37816Blue Wave Aquatics 27.4111/14/20MA BWA November
37916Jersey Wahoos 27.43 4/23/21MA GPAC George
38015Medford Wave 27.53 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
38115Greater Philadelphia 27.64 4/23/21MA GPAC George
38215Jersey Wahoos 27.66 4/23/21MA GPAC George
38316Marauder Swim Club 27.7010/11/20MA FSSC Closed
38415East Coast C-Cerpants27.8411/06/20MA SJAC State C
38515Emmaus Aquatic Club27.8511/29/20EMAC PSC TOPS 1
38615MLY Phoenix 27.8511/01/20MA MLY Intrasqu
38715East Coast C-Cerpants27.96 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
38815Greater Philadelphia 28.07 2/27/21MA JW Feb 2021
38916Jersey Wahoos 28.0911/13/20MA JW GPAC Than
39015YMCA of Vineland Seal28.13 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
39215MLY Phoenix 28.26 2/13/21SJAC FIRST CHAN
39315Gpac Blue 28.2910/24/20MA BLUE NT Bust
39416Jersey Wahoos 28.36 2/27/21MA JW Feb 2021
39515MLY Phoenix 28.5411/01/20MA MLY Intrasqu
39615Blue Wave Aquatics 28.5711/14/20MA BWA November
39715Mercersburg Academy28.6211/13/20MA MERC Mercers
39816South Jersey Aquatic 28.9110/17/20MA SJAC Dual in
39916UPPER MAIN LINE YMCA29.17 2/27/21MA AP Michelle
40015Pacers Aquatic Club 29.4012/06/20Pacers Holidaze
40115Northeast Swimming Cl29.75 5/01/21SSC Spring Blue
40215South Jersey Aquatic 30.1712/03/20SJAC Why Not Me
40316CENTRAL YORK AQUATICS30.3311/14/20MA WSY Thanksgi
40415South Jersey Aquatic 30.6911/06/20MA SJAC State C
40515Friends Select Aquati30.75 5/01/21SSC Spring Blue
40616Jersey Wahoos 32.73 4/23/21MA GPAC George
40715Tide Water Aquatics C35.0810/24/20MA TWAC October

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