Illinois Swimming

Girls Age 13 & 14
200 Yards Breaststroke

Short Course Yards (SCY)

Rankings by Career Best

We offer two types of swimmer rankings:Current Season and Career Best.

The Current Season rankings only include results from swim meets that have occurred between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022.The Career Best rankings are based upon career best times for each event.

This set of rankings is based upon career best times for the 200 Yards Breaststroke.

Age is the swimmer's age on 10/11/2021 .

Swimmer Current Age Team Time Date Swim Meet
114Academy Bullets Swim 2:19.87 3/24/21FL NCSA Age Gro
214Unattached 2:21.13 3/04/21WI 13 and Over
314St. Charles Swim Team 2:22.48 3/24/21FL NCSA Age Gro
414Palos-Orland Swim Ass 2:24.33 7/14/21ILCL POSA Summe
513Hinsdale Swim Club 2:26.37 3/24/21FL NCSA Age Gro
613Glenbrook Swim Club 2:27.96 2/27/21IL WICL HSC Feb
714Academy Bullets Swim 2:28.95 3/05/21ILCL ACAD Meet
814Delta Aquatics 2:28.98 3/19/21ILCL Delta Aqua
914Academy Bullets Swim 2:29.07 8/29/20IL CL ACAD Bull
1014Heat 2:30.28 4/23/21ILAP YMCA Stat
1113Springfield YMCA Swim 2:30.43 7/16/21ILAP SPY Summer
1213Patriot Aquatic Club 2:31.32 3/14/21ILCL PAC WINTE
1314New Trier Aquatics 2:31.65 2/28/20IL GSC Winter R
1414Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:32.69 3/08/21IN MSC Blast Of
1514Mundelein Mustang Swi 2:32.76 3/27/19NCSA Age Group
1614Fox Valley Swim Team 2:32.98 3/12/21IA DSMY SCY TT
1714New Trier Swim Club 2:33.44 3/14/21ILCL NTA Intras
1814Unattached 2:33.73 7/19/19IL GSC Summer R
1913Patriot Aquatic Club 2:33.91 4/18/21ILCL PAC vs WIL
2014FMC Aquatic 2:33.99 3/05/21ILCL FMC Champi
2113Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:34.65 2/28/20IL CWAC Winter
2214Academy Bullets Swim 2:34.71 3/19/21ILCL Delta Aqua
2314Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:34.76 3/20/21ILCL CWAC March
2414Lyons Aquatics 2:34.88 7/17/21ILCL LYONS SC T
2514Ppd 2:34.95 2/22/19ILOP COHO/PPD W
2613Highland Park Aquatic 2:35.3011/22/19HPAC Fall Extra
2714Hinsdale Swim Club 2:35.40 2/27/21IL WICL HSC Spr
2814Lincoln Way Swim Asso 2:35.63 7/16/21ILOP DLTA Reach
2914Academy Bullets Swim 2:35.95 7/16/21ILOP DLTA Reach
3013St. Charles Swim Team 2:36.02 3/24/21FL NCSA Age Gro
3114Hickory Willow Swim A 2:36.49 2/28/20IL HFSC Winter
3214Fox Valley Swim Team 2:36.49 3/05/21ILCL HSC Sprin
3314Lincoln Way Swim Asso 2:36.53 2/28/20IL LWSA Winter
3414Hinsdale Swim Club 2:36.71 7/19/19IL LWSA Summer
3513Wheaton Swim Club, In 2:37.22 2/28/20IL BSC Winter R
3614Lattof YMCA Neptunes 2:37.82 2/22/20ILOP AA Last Ch
3714Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:38.06 2/08/19B.R. Ryall Vale
3814Patriot Aquatic Club 2:38.27 2/28/20IL GSC Winter R
3914Bloomington Normal Sw 2:38.37 3/19/21ILCL PAWW St Pa
4014St. Charles Swim Team 2:38.61 3/27/19NCSA Age Group
4113Glenbrook Swim Club 2:38.65 7/16/21ILOP GSC A Cham
4214Hinsdale Swim Club 2:38.74 2/07/20ILOP TYR LYONS
4313Lyons Aquatics 2:38.98 7/17/21ILCL LYONS SC T
4414Elgin Cyclones 2:39.00 2/28/20IL BSC Winter R
4513Academy Bullets Swim 2:39.00 7/16/21ILOP DLTA Reach
4613NASA Wildcat Aquatics 2:39.08 2/28/20IL CWAC Winter
4714Patriot Aquatic Club 2:39.15 1/24/20IA DSMY SKYWALK
4813Glenbrook Swim Club 2:39.18 2/28/20IL GSC Winter R
4913Hinsdale Swim Club 2:39.23 2/27/21IL WICL HSC Spr
5013Sheridan Swim Team 2:39.2510/02/21FAST/METS IMX K
5114Express Swim Team 2:39.27 7/16/21ILOP DLTA Reach
5214Fox Valley Swim Team 2:39.55 3/05/21ILCL HSC Sprin
5313Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:40.12 2/07/20ILOP B.R. Ryall
5413Hinsdale Swim Club 2:40.25 2/27/21IL WICL HSC Spr
5513Delta Aquatics 2:40.60 7/16/21ILOP DLTA Reach
5614New Trier Aquatics 2:40.61 2/22/19ILOP COHO/PPD W
5713Patriot Aquatic Club 2:40.71 3/14/21ILCL PAC WINTE
5814FMC Aquatic 2:40.76 3/05/21ILCL FMC Champi
5914Freeport Aquatic Swim 2:40.83 2/28/20IL BSC Winter R
6014Maverick Swim Club 2:40.88 3/03/20IL WCS Last Cha
6114Delta Aquatics 2:40.98 7/16/21ILOP DLTA Reach
6214Springfield YMCA Swim 2:41.09 2/14/20ILAP SPY Last C
6314Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:41.09 2/22/19ILOP COHO/PPD W
6414Nwdupage YMCA / B.R. 2:41.10 3/20/21ILAP BRRY Short
6513Patriot Aquatic Club 2:41.12 1/24/20IA DSMY SKYWALK
6613Fox Valley Park Distr 2:41.23 2/22/20ILCL LPD Make T
6713Mundelein Mustang Swi 2:41.24 2/28/20IL BSC Winter R
6814Academy Bullets Swim 2:41.51 7/16/21ILOP DLTA Reach
6913FMC Aquatic 2:41.72 3/05/21ILCL FMC Champi
7013Unattached 2:42.1810/08/21ILAP SPY Season
7114Fox Valley Swim Team 2:42.24 3/05/21ILCL HSC Sprin
7214Lincoln Way Swim Asso 2:42.25 7/16/21ILOP DLTA Reach
7314Academy Bullets Swim 2:42.29 3/19/21ILCL Delta Aqua
7414Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:42.62 2/22/19ILOP COHO/PPD W
7514Sterling Stingrays Sw 2:42.70 2/22/19ILOP PAWW Winte
7614Fox Valley Park Distr 2:42.77 5/23/21ILCL Riptides T
7713Hornet Age Group Swim 2:43.00 2/28/20IL HFSC Winter
7813Academy Bullets Swim 2:43.1910/02/21ILOP ACAD Speed
7914Bloomington Normal Sw 2:43.41 2/28/20IL FFSC Winter
8013Lyons Aquatics 2:43.61 1/18/20ILOP HWSA Go Th
8114Scout Aquatics 2:43.66 2/28/20IL GSC Winter R
8214Heat 2:43.97 2/20/21ILCL Heat 2021
8314Bearsharktopus Aquati 2:44.03 3/24/21FL NCSA Age Gro
8414Lyons Aquatics 2:44.15 2/28/20IL LWSA Winter
8514Fox Valley Swim Team 2:44.2811/07/20ILCL DLTA Time
8614Fox Valley Swim Team 2:44.46 3/14/21ILCL FOX St. C
8714Springfield YMCA Swim 2:44.48 3/19/21ILAP SPY vs. BN
8814Maverick Swim Club 2:44.51 2/28/20IL FOX Winter R
8913Ppd 2:44.69 3/19/21ILCL BSC Champi
9013Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:44.7011/14/20ILCL CWAC Pack
9114Fox Valley Swim Team 2:44.83 2/28/20IL FOX Winter R
9213NASA Wildcat Aquatics 2:44.89 4/18/21ILCL PAC vs WIL
9314Glenbrook Swim Club 2:44.9411/14/20ILCL GSC v. NAS
9414Rockford Marlins Swim 2:45.14 2/14/20ILOP FOX 21st A
9513Fox Valley Park Distr 2:45.24 2/28/20IL FOX Winter R
9613North Park Aquatics 2:45.50 2/28/20IL CWAC Winter
9714Academy Bullets Swim 2:45.5812/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
9814Nwdupage YMCA / B.R. 2:45.8911/08/20ILCL MAVS @ BRR
9913Fox Valley Park Distr 2:46.08 2/28/20IL FOX Winter R
10014Academy Bullets Swim 2:46.12 7/19/19IL ECST Summer
10113Lincoln Way Swim Asso 2:46.32 2/28/20IL LWSA Winter
10213Fox Valley Park Distr 2:46.32 2/28/20IL FOX Winter R
10314Academy Bullets Swim 2:46.33 7/16/21ILAP SPY Summer
10414Mundelein Mustang Swi 2:46.46 5/22/21SWAT May Triang
10513Barrington Swim Club 2:46.50 6/26/21ILCL BSC Spring
10614NASA Wildcat Aquatics 2:46.94 2/28/20IL CWAC Winter
10714Elmhurst Swim Team 2:47.02 2/28/20IL GSC Winter R
10814Rockford Marlins Swim 2:47.06 7/16/21ILOP ECST Summe
10913Bloomington Normal Sw 2:47.7010/02/21ILOP BNSC Rach
11013Delta Aquatics 2:47.99 2/28/20IL FOX Winter R
11114Nwdupage YMCA / B.R. 2:48.06 2/27/21ILCL BSC Fall-W
11214Hornet Age Group Swim 2:48.2512/07/19ILOP HOSC 4th A
11314Team Millennium 2:48.28 2/07/20ILOP Swift Aqua
11414FMC Aquatic 2:48.28 2/27/21ILCL FMC Aquati
11514Express Swim Team 2:48.37 2/28/20IL LWSA Winter
11613Blue Tides 2:48.42 7/16/21ILCL HWSA South
11713Fox Valley YMCA Aqua 2:48.66 2/28/20ILAP YMCA Town
11813St. Charles Swim Team 2:48.90 3/19/21ILCL Delta Aqua
11914Lakeshore Stingrays 2:49.00 1/10/20ILS IGSC 21st A
12014Alligator Aquatics 2:49.05 2/28/20IL BSC Winter R
12113Sullivan Blue Dolphin 2:49.1010/02/21ILOP BNSC Rach
12213Mundelein Mustang Swi 2:49.31 3/19/21ILCL BSC Champi
12314St. Charles Swim Team 2:49.64 1/03/20ILOP Maverick W
12413Blue Tides 2:49.81 7/16/21ILCL HWSA South
12513Blue Tides 2:49.83 2/28/20IL LWSA Winter
12614Heat 2:49.90 1/17/20Mid-Winter Clas
12714Blue Tides 2:50.05 2/14/20WCS FEB FRENZY
12813Hinsdale Swim Club 2:50.09 2/28/20IL LWSA Winter
12914Lemont Park District 2:50.51 2/28/20IL HFSC Winter
13014Academy Bullets Swim 2:50.6610/04/19ILOP ACAD Speed
13114Glenbrook Swim Club 2:50.68 7/19/19IL GSC Summer R
13214Fox Valley Swim Team 2:50.6911/08/19ILOP FOX 23rd A
13314Unattached 2:50.7210/08/21ILAP SPY Season
13414Hickory Willow Swim A 2:50.94 3/12/21ILCL HWSA End o
13514Glenbrook Swim Club 2:51.10 2/28/20IL GSC Winter R
13613Lattof YMCA Neptunes 2:51.12 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
13713Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:51.14 3/20/21ILCL CWAC March
13813Heat 2:51.2910/08/21ILAP SPY Season
13913Lyons Aquatics 2:51.72 2/28/20IL LWSA Winter
14013Chicago Park District 2:52.02 2/28/20IL CWAC Winter
14114Springfield YMCA Swim 2:52.10 3/19/21ILAP SPY vs. BN
14214New Trier Aquatics 2:52.2912/06/19NASA Winter Bla
14314Elgin Cyclones 2:52.53 1/24/20ILOP DCST Winte
14413Academy Bullets Swim 2:52.6311/13/20ILCL ACAD Bulle
14514Unattached 2:52.7312/20/19ILCL ACAD Blue
14613Academy Bullets Swim 2:52.74 7/10/21ILOP DLTA Chase
14714Glenbrook Swim Club 2:52.93 6/19/21ILCL GSCvs. ACA
14813Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:53.10 2/07/20ILOP B.R. Ryall
14914FMC Aquatic 2:53.20 2/27/21ILCL FMC Aquati
15014Hinsdale Swim Club 2:53.27 2/27/21IL WICL HSC Spr
15113Heat 2:53.4010/08/21ILAP SPY Season
15214Fox Valley Swim Team 2:53.43 1/12/19ILCL FOX Distan
15314Glenbrook Swim Club 2:53.43 2/28/20IL GSC Winter R
15414Unattached 2:53.44 7/10/21ILOP DLTA Chase
15513Academy Bullets Swim 2:53.46 2/28/20IL FOX Winter R
15614Cats Aquatic Team 2:53.97 2/22/20ILOP AA Last Ch
15713Torpedo Swim Team 2:54.1010/02/21ILOP ACAD Speed
15814Wheaton Sport Center 2:54.45 5/21/21ILCL ECST Schoo
15913Heat 2:54.5310/08/21ILAP SPY Season
16013Fox Valley Swim Team 2:54.59 2/28/20IL FOX Winter R
16113Barrington Swim Club 2:54.61 2/27/21ILCL BSC Fall-W
16213Glenbrook Swim Club 2:54.67 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
16313Peoria Area Water Wiz 2:54.69 3/19/21ILCL PAWW St Pa
16414Glenbrook Swim Club 2:54.69 2/28/20IL GSC Winter R
16513FMC Aquatic 2:54.77 2/27/21ILCL FMC Aquati
16614Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:54.7912/13/19ILCL CWAC Candy
16714Hornet Age Group Swim 2:54.85 3/20/21ILCL HOSC Winte
16813Fox Valley Park Distr 2:54.94 5/23/21ILCL Riptides T
16914Swift Aquatics 2:55.05 2/21/20ILCL WSO North
17013Nwdupage YMCA / B.R. 2:55.0910/02/21ILOP ACAD Speed
17113FMC Aquatic 2:55.16 3/05/21ILCL FMC Champi
17214Springfield YMCA Swim 2:55.2711/20/20ILAP SPY HEAT V
17313Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:55.30 2/07/20ILOP B.R. Ryall
17413Nwdupage YMCA / B.R. 2:55.39 6/27/21ILAP BRRY @ FVF
17513Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 2:55.39 2/07/20ILOP B.R. Ryall
17614Lockport Homer Swim C 2:55.41 1/24/20LWSA Gators 3rd
17714St. Charles Swim Team 2:55.47 2/28/20IL BSC Winter R
17813Fox Valley Park Distr 2:55.48 5/23/21ILCL Riptides T
17914Unattached 2:55.56 6/13/21Carthage Camp T
18014Maverick Swim Club 2:55.62 2/21/20ILOP MAVS Feed
18114Decatur Family YMCA 2:55.65 1/17/20Mid-Winter Clas
18214Marlins II Swim Club 2:55.68 4/11/21ILCL YDCS vs MA
18314Nwdupage YMCA / B.R. 2:55.70 3/20/21ILAP BRRY Short
18414Hornet Age Group Swim 2:55.83 2/28/20IL HFSC Winter
18514Fox Valley Park Distr 2:56.19 5/23/21ILCL Riptides T
18613Hinsdale Swim Club 2:56.24 1/03/20ILOP Maverick W
18713Academy Bullets Swim 2:56.29 7/10/21ILOP DLTA Chase
18813Dundee Dolphins 2:56.34 2/28/20IL BSC Winter R
18913Wheaton Swim Club, In 2:56.43 2/28/20IL BSC Winter R
19014Maverick Swim Club 2:56.7012/14/19ILOP WHTN 2nd A
19113Team Millennium 2:57.09 3/06/21ILCL Y2K March
19213Patriot Aquatic Club 2:57.16 3/14/21ILCL PAC WINTE
19313Elgin Cyclones 2:57.38 6/12/21ILOP BTS Summer
19413Waves Bloomington/Nor 2:57.44 7/16/21ILAP SPY Summer
19513Delta Aquatics 2:57.52 3/07/21ILCL Delta Aqua
19614Barrington Swim Club 2:57.57 2/27/21ILCL BSC Fall-W
19713Lakeshore Stingrays 2:57.6312/14/19ILOP WHTN 2nd A
19814Peoria Area Water Wiz 2:57.66 2/12/21ILCL PAWW Febru
19914New Trier Swim Club 2:57.81 3/14/21ILCL NTA Intras
20014Lincoln Way Swim Asso 2:58.1212/06/19IN LCB Winter B
20114Fox Valley Swim Team 2:58.17 3/07/21ILCL Fox St. C
20213Cats Aquatic Team 2:58.22 3/21/21ILCL CATS March
20314Delta Aquatics 2:58.24 3/07/21ILCL Delta Aqua
20414FMC Aquatic 2:58.34 3/05/21ILCL FMC Champi
20513Wheaton Swim Club, In 2:58.5112/14/19ILOP WHTN 2nd A
20613FMC Aquatic 2:58.61 2/27/21ILCL FMC Aquati
20714Team Millennium 2:58.69 2/23/20ILCL CWAC Windy
20814New Trier Aquatics 2:58.86 2/15/19North Shore Con
20913Elgin Cyclones 2:59.11 5/21/21ILCL ECST Schoo
21013Maverick Swim Club 2:59.16 2/28/20IL FOX Winter R
21114Fox Valley Swim Team 2:59.19 3/14/21ILCL FOX St. C
21214NASA Wildcat Aquatics 2:59.26 2/28/21ILCL PAC vs WIL
21314Barrington Swim Club 2:59.26 2/27/21ILCL BSC Fall-W
21414M3 Aquatics 2:59.44 7/16/21ILCL HWSA South
21514Springfield YMCA Swim 2:59.53 3/19/21ILAP SPY vs. BN
21614Fox Valley Swim Team 2:59.68 3/07/21ILCL Fox St. C
21713FMC Aquatic 2:59.71 2/27/21ILCL FMC Aquati
21813Great Illinois Swimme 2:59.74 7/09/21ILCL GILLS Last
21913New Trier Swim Club 3:00.13 3/14/21ILCL NTA Intras
22013Hornet Age Group Swim 3:00.18 2/21/20ILOP MAVS Feed
22114Fox Valley Swim Team 3:00.18 3/05/21ILCL HSC Sprin
22213Springfield YMCA Swim 3:00.2610/08/21ILAP SPY Season
22314FMC Aquatic 3:00.48 2/27/21ILCL FMC Aquati
22414Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 3:00.56 2/07/20ILOP B.R. Ryall
22514Glenbrook Swim Club 3:00.6411/14/20ILCL GSC v. NAS
22614Great Illinois Swimme 3:00.79 7/16/21ILCL HWSA South
22714FMC Aquatic 3:00.80 3/05/21ILCL FMC Champi
22813Glenbrook Swim Club 3:01.45 6/19/21ILCL GSCvs. ACA
22914Highland Park Aquatic 3:01.49 3/06/21ILCL Y2K March
23014Wheaton Sport Center 3:01.84 5/21/21ILCL ECST Schoo
23113Springfield YMCA Swim 3:01.94 7/16/21ILAP SPY Summer
23214Lakeshore Stingrays 3:02.2711/22/19HSC Fall Classi
23314Cats Aquatic Team 3:02.38 2/22/20ILOP AA Last Ch
23414Academy Bullets Swim 3:02.56 1/03/20Speedo Invitati
23514Chicago Latin Swim Cl 3:02.7311/16/18ILOP HPAC Fall
23614Ywca Flying Fish 3:02.97 2/07/20ILOP Swift Aqua
23714FMC Aquatic 3:02.97 2/27/21ILCL FMC Aquati
23813Highland Park Aquatic 3:03.33 3/06/21ILCL Y2K March
23913Bearsharktopus Aquati 3:03.4510/02/21FAST/METS IMX K
24013Glenbrook Swim Club 3:03.61 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
24113Lyons Aquatics 3:03.68 2/22/20ILCL HWSA Chica
24214Midway Aquatics Club 3:03.91 2/23/20ILOP HFSC 13th
24313FMC Aquatic 3:03.97 2/27/21ILCL FMC Aquati
24413Ywca Flying Fish 3:04.10 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
24514Lake Forest Swim Club 3:04.2911/13/20ILCL BSC Suzy G
24614Blue Tides 3:04.32 2/17/19ILOP HFSC 12th
24714St. Charles Swim Team 3:04.3511/02/18ILOP SCST Speed
24813Alligator Aquatics 3:04.7312/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
24913Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 3:04.8112/13/19ILCL CWAC Candy
25014FMC Aquatic 3:04.90 3/05/21ILCL FMC Champi
25114Hinsdale Swim Club 3:04.90 3/05/21ILCL HSC Sprin
25214East Moline Swim Club 3:04.97 7/10/21ILOP EMSC 39th
25314Unattached 3:05.0512/20/19ILCL ACAD Blue
25414Patriot Aquatic Club 3:05.1210/11/20ILCL PATRIOT TI
25513Lake Forest Swim Club 3:05.16 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
25614Glenbrook Swim Club 3:05.2811/14/20ILCL GSC v. NAS
25714Academy Bullets Swim 3:05.34 2/07/20ILCL ACAD Meet
25813Coho Swim Club 3:05.42 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
25914Coho Swim Club 3:05.43 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
26014Alligator Aquatics 3:05.44 6/26/21ILCL BSC Spring
26114Fox Valley Swim Team 3:05.46 3/07/21ILCL Fox St. C
26214North Aquatics Club 3:06.04 3/13/21ILCL NAC Time T
26313Hornet Age Group Swim 3:06.10 3/20/21ILCL HOSC Winte
26414Ultimate Swimming, In 3:06.15 2/07/20ILOP B.R. Ryall
26513Delta Aquatics 3:06.2112/14/19ILOP WHTN 2nd A
26613Lattof YMCA Neptunes 3:06.2412/14/19ILOP WHTN 2nd A
26714Academy Bullets Swim 3:06.6510/02/21ILOP ACAD Speed
26814Academy Bullets Swim 3:06.69 1/11/19ILCL ACAD 14&U
26913FMC Aquatic 3:06.99 2/27/21ILCL FMC Aquati
27013Marlins II Swim Club 3:07.20 7/16/21ILOP PAWW Summe
27114Tops YMCA Swim Team 3:07.2511/01/19IN MSC SYOA INV
27214Lyons Aquatics 3:07.36 7/17/21ILCL LYONS SC T
27314St. Charles Swim Team 3:07.47 2/22/20IL SCST TEAM Ch
27414Hickory Willow Swim A 3:07.48 2/27/21ILCL HWSA Time
27513Dunlap Dolphins Swim 3:07.69 1/17/20Mid-Winter Clas
27614Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:08.06 2/23/21IN LCB Vs. Linc
27713Heat 3:08.55 3/26/21ILCL Heat Back
27814Nwdupage YMCA / B.R. 3:08.66 2/27/21ILCL BSC Fall-W
27913Elgin Cyclones 3:08.67 7/16/21ILOP ECST Summe
28014Maverick Swim Club 3:08.75 2/21/20ILOP MAVS Feed
28114Coho Swim Club 3:08.77 1/19/19ILOP 40th Annua
28214Maverick Swim Club 3:08.9511/08/19ILOP MAVS Maver
28314New Trier Swim Club 3:09.11 2/21/20ILCL WSO North
28414Ywca Flying Fish 3:09.15 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
28514Fox Valley Swim Team 3:09.1711/07/20ILCL DLTA Time
28614St. Charles Swim Team 3:09.2312/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
28714Delta Aquatics 3:09.3011/07/20ILCL DLTA Time
28814Elgin Cyclones 3:09.52 5/21/21ILCL ECST Schoo
28913Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:09.64 1/17/20IN LCB New Year
29013Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:09.6612/06/19IN LCB Winter B
29114Sheridan Swim Team 3:09.77 3/19/21ILCL PAWW St Pa
29213Coho Swim Club 3:10.2010/05/19ILCL COHO vs BD
29313NASA Wildcat Aquatics 3:10.2611/01/19ILOP PAC Patrio
29413Woodstock Dolphins 3:10.29 5/21/21ILCL ECST Schoo
29514Barrington Swim Club 3:10.35 2/27/21ILCL BSC Fall-W
29613Academy Bullets Swim 3:10.3510/02/21ILOP ACAD Speed
29714Bearsharktopus Aquati 3:10.4010/02/21FAST/METS IMX K
29813Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:10.6412/06/19IN LCB Winter B
29913Ppd 3:10.6411/14/20ILCL Alligator
30014Lake Forest Swim Club 3:10.66 1/30/20WI Patriots Sup
30114West Chicago Sharks 3:10.84 1/24/20MMSC Winter Inv
30214Express Swim Team 3:11.01 2/01/20ILOP Express Fe
30314Swift Aquatics 3:11.12 1/17/20ILOP Blue Devil
30414Delta Aquatics 3:11.30 3/07/21ILCL Delta Aqua
30513Cats Aquatic Team 3:11.32 4/18/21ILCL PAC vs WIL
30613Delta Aquatics 3:11.41 5/09/21ILCL Delta Aqua
30714St. Charles Swim Team 3:11.5312/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
30813Palos-Orland Swim Ass 3:11.5511/01/19IN MSC SYOA INV
30914Sterling Stingrays Sw 3:11.63 2/26/21ILOP DCST Winte
31014Cats Aquatic Team 3:11.63 2/22/20ILOP AA Last Ch
31114Fox Valley YMCA Aqua 3:11.7712/13/19ILAP DCST Barb
31214Alligator Aquatics 3:11.79 6/26/21ILCL BSC Spring
31314Cats Aquatic Team 3:11.8312/07/19WI Alligator Wi
31413Ultimate Swimming, In 3:12.50 1/18/20ILOP PPD 41st A
31514Sterling Stingrays Sw 3:12.81 2/26/21ILOP DCST Winte
31613Sage YMCA 3:12.86 1/05/19SWAT Single Age
31713FMC Aquatic 3:13.22 2/27/21ILCL FMC Aquati
31813Big Blue Aquatics 3:13.67 2/08/19HPAC Go For The
31914Richards Area S C 3:13.78 2/10/19ILCL RASC Long
32013Fox Valley Park Distr 3:14.0311/08/19ILOP MAVS Maver
32113Academy Bullets Swim 3:14.0511/01/19IL 12th Annual
32214Kishwaukee YMCA Dekal 3:14.07 1/24/20ILOP DCST Winte
32313North Aquatics Club 3:14.2012/15/19ILOP NAC Distan
32413Springfield YMCA Swim 3:14.4110/08/21ILAP SPY Season
32513Bearsharktopus Aquati 3:14.4810/02/21FAST/METS IMX K
32614Delta Aquatics 3:14.61 3/19/21ILCL Delta Aqua
32713Peoria Area Water Wiz 3:14.70 2/12/21ILCL PAWW Febru
32814Patriot Aquatic Club 3:14.7410/11/20ILCL PATRIOT TI
32914Dunlap Dolphins Swim 3:14.83 2/14/20Jake Miller Val
33013St. Charles Swim Team 3:15.2212/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
33114East Moline Swim Club 3:15.48 3/06/21ILCL EMSC Winte
33214Barrington Swim Club 3:15.50 1/11/19Winter Classic
33314Great Illinois Swimme 3:15.57 2/12/21PX3 Speedo Vale
33414Nwdupage YMCA / B.R. 3:15.60 3/20/21ILAP BRRY Short
33514North Aquatics Club 3:15.70 1/19/20ILOP NAC Winter
33613Highland Park Aquatic 3:15.7911/22/19HPAC Fall Extra
33714Delta Aquatics 3:15.97 3/07/21ILCL Delta Aqua
33814Barrington Swim Club 3:16.38 4/10/21ILCL BSC Spring
33913Academy Bullets Swim 3:16.85 3/05/21ILCL ACAD Meet
34013North Aquatics Club 3:17.02 3/13/21ILCL NAC Time T
34114Iguana Swimming 3:17.22 1/30/20WI Patriots Sup
34213Decatur Family YMCA 3:17.3310/11/20ILAP Canton vs
34314Vernon Hills Swim Tea 3:17.89 2/26/21ILOP DCST Winte
34413Woodstock Dolphins 3:18.48 4/10/21ILCL BSC Spring
34514Springfield YMCA Swim 3:18.55 3/19/21ILAP SPY vs. BN
34614Sullivan Blue Dolphin 3:18.6410/02/21ILOP BNSC Rach
34713Elmhurst Swim Team 3:18.67 2/23/20ILCL WCS IV CON
34813Peoria Area Water Wiz 3:18.79 2/14/20Jake Miller Val
34914Glenbrook Swim Club 3:18.8912/14/18ILCL GSC How th
35014Dundee Dolphins 3:19.0012/14/18ILOP ECST 8th A
35113Marlins II Swim Club 3:19.08 4/11/21ILCL YDCS vs MA
35214Delta Aquatics 3:19.38 3/07/21ILCL Delta Aqua
35313Glenbrook Swim Club 3:19.60 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
35414Coho Swim Club 3:19.74 2/08/19HPAC Go For The
35514Elgin Cyclones 3:19.8012/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
35614Swift Aquatics 3:20.14 1/26/18ILOP GTAC Aloha
35713Mundelein Mustang Swi 3:20.22 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
35813Lyons Aquatics 3:20.24 1/18/20ILOP HWSA Go Th
35913North Park Aquatics 3:20.30 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
36014Springfield YMCA Swim 3:20.77 3/19/21ILAP SPY vs. BN
36113Illinois Valley YMCA 3:21.14 7/16/21ILAP SPY Summer
36213Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:21.4412/06/19IN LCB Winter B
36314Sullivan Blue Dolphin 3:21.6710/25/19IN THT Hallowee
36414Mundelein Mustang Swi 3:21.9111/22/19ILOP SWAQ North
36513M3 Aquatics 3:22.06 5/15/21ILCL HWSA Time
36613Hickory Willow Swim A 3:22.33 2/22/20ILCL HWSA Chica
36714Richards Area S C 3:22.54 2/10/19ILCL RASC Long
36813Nwdupage YMCA / B.R. 3:22.5610/02/21ILOP ACAD Speed
36913Delta Aquatics 3:22.65 3/07/21ILCL Delta Aqua
37014Rockford Marlins Swim 3:22.74 1/11/19Winter Classic
37114Bradley-Bourbonnais S 3:22.82 1/19/20ILOP NAC Winter
37213Midway Aquatics Club 3:23.2811/22/19HPAC Fall Extra
37313North Aquatics Club 3:23.5410/10/21ILOP NAC Pick Y
37413Ywca Flying Fish 3:23.84 3/24/21ILCL YWCA Flyin
37513Wheaton Sport Center 3:23.91 5/21/21ILCL ECST Schoo
37614Blue Tides 3:24.75 1/24/20LWSA Gators 3rd
37714Academy Bullets Swim 3:24.8911/07/20ILCL DLTA Time
37814Peoria Area Water Wiz 3:24.9310/23/20ILCL PAWW Spook
37914Fox Valley YMCA Aqua 3:25.0311/01/20ILAP BRRY vs Fo
38013Bradley-Bourbonnais S 3:25.21 6/22/19ILCL NAC Distan
38113Delta Aquatics 3:25.2412/14/19ILOP WHTN 2nd A
38213Express Swim Team 3:25.5512/01/18WI Alligator Wi
38314Woodstock Dolphins 3:25.5812/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
38413Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:25.7212/06/19IN LCB Winter B
38513Springfield YMCA Swim 3:25.89 3/19/21ILAP SPY vs. BN
38613Unattached 3:26.1311/22/19Suzy Gavars Mem
38714Sullivan Blue Dolphin 3:26.2311/06/20ILAP SBD and HH
38814Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:26.3812/06/19IN LCB Winter B
38914Fox Valley YMCA Aqua 3:26.51 6/27/21ILAP BRRY @ FVF
39014Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:26.95 1/24/20LWSA Gators 3rd
39114Dunlap Dolphins Swim 3:26.97 7/16/21ILOP PAWW Summe
39214Academy Bullets Swim 3:27.5411/13/20ILCL ACAD Bulle
39314Peoria Area Water Wiz 3:27.65 2/12/21ILCL PAWW Febru
39413Funky Fish Swim Club 3:27.9610/02/21ILOP BNSC Rach
39514Elgin Cyclones 3:28.7612/14/18ILOP ECST 8th A
39614West Chicago Sharks 3:28.90 1/24/20MMSC Winter Inv
39713Highland Park Aquatic 3:29.8411/22/19HPAC Fall Extra
39813NASA Wildcat Aquatics 3:30.02 4/18/21ILCL PAC vs WIL
39914Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:30.3512/06/19IN LCB Winter B
40014Waves Bloomington/Nor 3:30.44 7/16/21ILAP SPY Summer
40113Glenbrook Swim Club 3:30.56 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
40214Fox Valley Park Distr 3:31.29 1/04/19ILOP Maverick W
40313Byron Tiger Sharks 3:31.4712/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
40413Heartland Hurricanes 3:31.6411/30/18IN FAST Santa C
40513Delta Aquatics 3:31.94 2/14/20Jake Miller Val
40613Academy Bullets Swim 3:32.0812/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
40713Academy Bullets Swim 3:32.4312/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
40813Glenbrook Swim Club 3:33.23 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
40913Heat 3:33.2710/08/21ILAP SPY Season
41013Express Swim Team 3:33.3311/22/19HPAC Fall Extra
41113Chicago Wolfpack Aqua 3:33.89 1/27/17ILOP TOPS Clair
41214Cats Aquatic Team 3:34.1711/16/18ILOP HPAC Fall
41313Decatur Family YMCA 3:34.2910/02/21ILOP BNSC Rach
41413Academy Bullets Swim 3:34.4411/01/19IL 12th Annual
41514St. Charles Swim Team 3:35.67 2/13/21ILCL SCST AG Fe
41614Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:36.9412/06/19IN LCB Winter B
41714Hickory Willow Swim A 3:37.29 1/03/20ILOP HWSA 36th
41813Academy Bullets Swim 3:37.5712/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
41914Bradley-Bourbonnais S 3:37.7111/30/18IN LCB Winter B
42013Glenbrook Swim Club 3:37.79 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
42114Bearsharktopus Aquati 3:38.1611/07/20ILCL BASC TYR B
42213Rockford Marlins Swim 3:39.3612/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
42313Highland Park Aquatic 3:39.6111/22/19HPAC Fall Extra
42413North Aquatics Club 3:41.42 6/18/21IN HHSC Beat th
42513Swift Aquatics 3:41.54 2/07/20ILOP Swift Aqua
42614Fox Valley YMCA Aqua 3:41.65 4/30/21ILAP DCST YMCA
42714Wheaton Swim Club, In 3:43.6012/07/18ILCL Wheaton Sw
42814Ultimate Swimming, In 3:43.62 2/07/20ILOP B.R. Ryall
42913Peoria Area Water Wiz 3:44.3411/19/20ILCL PAWW Novem
43013Great Illinois Swimme 3:44.6912/06/19IN LCB Winter B
43114North Aquatics Club 3:44.7112/15/19ILOP NAC Distan
43214West Chicago Sharks 3:45.1512/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
43314Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:45.74 1/24/20LWSA Gators 3rd
43414North Aquatics Club 3:45.75 3/13/21ILCL NAC Time T
43513Decatur Family YMCA 3:45.7810/25/20ILAP YDSC Virt
43613North Aquatics Club 3:46.26 1/19/20ILOP NAC Winter
43714Sharks Swim Club 3:46.42 2/07/20ILOP B.R. Ryall
43813Elgin Cyclones 3:48.4512/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
43914Vernon Hills Swim Tea 3:49.41 2/26/21ILOP DCST Winte
44013Mundelein Mustang Swi 3:50.43 2/07/20HPAC Go For The
44113Delta Aquatics 3:53.74 2/14/20Jake Miller Val
44214Mundelein Mustang Swi 3:55.21 9/27/19ILCL MMSC vs HP
44313Springfield YMCA Swim 3:57.3310/08/21ILAP SPY Season
44414Lincoln Way Swim Asso 3:57.9611/30/18IN LCB Winter B
44514Hinsdale Swim Club 4:00.38 2/07/20ILOP TYR LYONS
44614Hinsdale Swim Club 4:02.05 2/07/20ILOP TYR LYONS
44714Lakeshore Stingrays 4:03.6712/15/18Jingle Bell Cla
44814Delta Aquatics 4:05.88 7/10/21ILOP DLTA Chase
44913Elgin Cyclones 4:08.65 5/21/21ILCL ECST Schoo
45013Great Illinois Swimme 4:11.4010/10/21ILOP NAC Pick Y
45113North Aquatics Club 4:13.2912/15/19ILOP NAC Distan
45213Bloomington Normal Sw 4:15.25 1/24/17BNSC vs FFSC du
45314Academy Bullets Swim 4:15.81 4/30/21ILCL DDST Sensa
45413Life Time Illinois 4:18.8712/12/19ILOP ECST Blizz
45513Mundelein Mustang Swi 4:23.58 2/08/19HPAC Go For The
45613North Aquatics Club 4:41.7410/10/21ILOP NAC Pick Y
45713North Aquatics Club 5:09.15 6/22/19ILCL NAC Distan

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