2023 NC LC Age Group Championship

The 2023 NC LC Age Group Championship, hosted by TAC Titans, will be held on 7/13/23 at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary, NC.

The Swimmer's age on 7/13/23 determines the age for the meet.

For Coaches' planning purposes, a spreadsheet readable CSV (comma seperated values) file, with a list of qualifiers for all events, is available for .

Boys 5 to 10 50 Meter Backstroke


This list of qualifiers only contains swimmers that have qualified based upon their Long Course times. It does not contain swimmers that have qualified based upon their Short Course times.

Swimmer Current Age Swim Team Time Date Swim Meet
110Marlins of Raleigh 37.07 5/19/23NCAC Meet on th
210North Carolina Aquati37.12 4/29/23NCAC Spring Inv
310Tac Titans 37.19 5/12/23TAC TITANS Spri
410Swim MAC 37.33 5/05/23SC TG Bring the
510Raleigh Swimming Asso38.07 4/29/23WAVE Sprint Int
610Sailfish Aquatics 38.34 5/20/23Furniture City
710Swim MAC 38.48 5/05/23SC TG Bring the
810Marlins of Raleigh 38.55 4/29/23NCAC Spring Inv
910Marlins of Raleigh 38.68 5/19/23NCAC Meet on th
1010Mecklenburg Swim Asso38.71 5/05/23STAR Long Days
1110YMCA of the Triangle 38.84 4/29/23NCAC Spring Inv
1210Marlins of Raleigh 39.14 5/19/23NCAC Meet on th
13 9Enfinity Aquatic Club39.46 5/19/23SFSC LC May Mem
1410Swim Fanatics Swim Cl39.51 4/21/23STAR April Frid
1510North Carolina Aquati39.80 7/14/22NC LC AG CHAMPS
16 9Tac Titans 39.85 5/12/23TAC TITANS Spri
1710Swim MAC 40.11 5/06/23NC SwimMAC Spri
18 9Tac Titans 40.18 5/12/23TAC TITANS Spri
1910Carolina Aquatic Team40.21 4/29/23NCAC Spring Inv
20 9Tac Titans 40.45 7/14/22NC LC AG CHAMPS
2110Tyde 40.60 5/05/23SC YSSC May Lon
2210North Carolina Aquati40.67 7/28/22NCAC LCM Tar He
2310Marlins of Raleigh 40.96 5/19/23NCAC Meet on th
2410Tac Titans 41.03 5/12/23TAC TITANS Spri
25 9Tac Titans 41.26 5/12/23TAC TITANS Spri
2610Tyde 41.26 5/05/23SC YSSC May Lon
27 9Swim MAC 41.44 3/31/23NC SwimMAC Blue
2810Raleigh Swimming Asso41.54 5/05/23STAR Long Days
2910Swim MAC 41.56 5/06/23NC SwimMAC Spri
3010Marlins of Raleigh 41.77 4/29/23NCAC Spring Inv
3110North Carolina Aquati41.80 5/19/23NCAC Meet on th
3210Star Aquatics 41.91 5/05/23STAR Long Days
3310Marlins of Raleigh 41.99 4/29/23NCAC Spring Inv
3410Tac Titans 42.31 6/16/22NC TAC Triangle
3510Marlins of Raleigh 42.40 4/29/23NCAC Spring Inv
3610Tac Titans 42.42 5/12/23TAC TITANS Spri
3710Tac Titans 42.61 5/12/23TAC TITANS Spri
38 8Tyde 42.66 5/19/23SFSC LC May Mem

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