New England Swimming Rankings

The Swim Rankings cover a one year period, starting on September 1 and ending on August 31.

Latest Swim Meets

The Swim Rankings are updated on a regular basis. Typically, we will update the Swim Rankings within 48 hours of the results being posted.

Date Short Course Meet Date Long Course Meet
11/26/2023 2023 NE PHX Distance Meet 8/5/2023 2023 NE ORO TT Moose Meet
11/18/2023 2023 NE NSSC November Specialty w Distance 8/5/2023 2023 NE ORO Moose Invitational
11/18/2023 2023 NE NSSC 11 & Over TrialsFinals 7/30/2023 2023 NE CRIM TT July MIT Meet
11/18/2023 2023 NE CVSC Winter Pentathlon 7/28/2023 2023 NE SOLO Silver Championship
11/18/2023 2023 NE RIAC Earn your Turkey Specialty 7/28/2023 2023 NE MSTESC Summer of '23 Team Specialty Meet
11/17/2023 2023 NE HYV Thanksgiving Invitational 7/28/2023 2023 NE NSSC TrialsFinals Specialty Meet
11/17/2023 2023 NE CRA TT November Distance Specialty Meet 7/28/2023 2023 NE Crimson Americas Cup
11/17/2023 2023 NE CRA November Distance and Specialty 7/26/2023 2023 Futures Championships - West Fargo ND Time Tri
11/17/2023 2023 NE BYB Invitational 7/26/2023 2023 Futures Championships - San Antonio TX - Cap R
11/17/2023 2023 ME ABF Nov TrialsFinals Meet 7/20/2023 2023 NE VSCRA 11-14 AG Championship

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