Clovis Swim Club

100 Meters Freestyle

9/1/2023 to 8/31/2024

Long Course Meters (LCM)

Rankings by Current Season

We offer two types of swimmer rankings:Current Season and Career Best.

The Current Season rankings only include results from swim meets that have occurred between September 1, 2023 and August 31, 2024.The Career Best rankings are based upon career best times for each event.

This set of rankings is based only upon results from swim meets that have occurred between September 1, 2023 and August 31, 2024.

Age is the swimmer's age on the date of the swim meet.

Swimmer Age at Meet Team Time Date Swim Meet
115Clovis Swim Club 58.30 2/29/24CA/NV Speedo Se
218Clovis Swim Club 59.71 6/27/24Arena Grand Cha
317Clovis Swim Club 1:00.06 1/11/24Road to Paris S
415Unattached 1:00.63 4/11/24MVN Fran Crippe
516Unattached 1:00.94 4/11/24MVN Fran Crippe
615Clovis Swim Club 1:01.37 7/12/24Super League Ch
716Clovis Swim Club 1:01.58 2/29/24CA/NV Speedo Se
814Clovis Swim Club 1:02.33 7/12/24Super League Ch
915Clovis Swim Club 1:02.38 5/31/24CC Clovis Swim
1013Clovis Swim Club 1:02.54 6/27/24Arena Grand Cha
1117Clovis Swim Club 1:02.56 2/29/24CA/NV Speedo Se
1216Clovis Swim Club 1:03.03 2/29/24CA/NV Speedo Se
1315Clovis Swim Club 1:03.41 2/29/24CA/NV Speedo Se
1417Clovis Swim Club 1:05.18 7/12/24Super League Ch
1516Clovis Swim Club 1:05.49 6/27/24Arena Grand Cha
1615Clovis Swim Club 1:06.14 6/27/24Arena Grand Cha
1713Clovis Swim Club 1:06.45 6/27/24Arena Grand Cha
1814Clovis Swim Club 1:06.47 6/27/24Arena Grand Cha
1915Clovis Swim Club 1:06.83 7/12/24Super League Ch
2016Clovis Swim Club 1:07.22 6/27/24Arena Grand Cha
2114Clovis Swim Club 1:07.77 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
2211Clovis Swim Club 1:08.00 4/27/24CC Merced Skimm
2315Clovis Swim Club 1:08.06 6/27/24Arena Grand Cha
2413Clovis Swim Club 1:08.10 6/27/24Arena Grand Cha
2514Clovis Swim Club 1:08.32 6/27/24Arena Grand Cha
2614Clovis Swim Club 1:09.29 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
2713Clovis Swim Club 1:09.52 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
2812Clovis Swim Club 1:10.52 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
2918Clovis Swim Club 1:10.86 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
3012Clovis Swim Club 1:10.97 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
3113Clovis Swim Club 1:11.35 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
3215Clovis Swim Club 1:11.59 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
3317Clovis Swim Club 1:12.45 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
3411Clovis Swim Club 1:12.72 4/13/24TNT Spring LC A
3515Clovis Swim Club 1:13.53 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
3612Clovis Swim Club 1:14.21 4/13/24TNT Spring LC A
3713Clovis Swim Club 1:14.62 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
3812Clovis Swim Club 1:17.15 4/13/24TNT Spring LC A
3915Clovis Swim Club 1:18.05 7/12/24Super League Ch
4013Clovis Swim Club 1:18.26 4/27/24CC Merced Skimm
4110Clovis Swim Club 1:18.63 4/13/24TNT Spring LC A
4211Clovis Swim Club 1:19.18 4/13/24TNT Spring LC A
4311Clovis Swim Club 1:19.23 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
4412Clovis Swim Club 1:19.59 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
4510Clovis Swim Club 1:20.00 4/27/24CC Merced Skimm
4610Clovis Swim Club 1:20.08 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
4713Clovis Swim Club 1:20.29 4/13/24TNT Spring LC A
4810Clovis Swim Club 1:21.97 4/27/24CC Merced Skimm
4911Clovis Swim Club 1:22.16 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
5013Clovis Swim Club 1:23.36 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
5111Clovis Swim Club 1:23.85 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
5212Clovis Swim Club 1:27.43 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
5311Clovis Swim Club 1:27.49 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
5411Clovis Swim Club 1:28.22 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
5511Clovis Swim Club 1:29.77 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
56 9Clovis Swim Club 1:31.51 4/27/24CC Merced Skimm
57 8Clovis Swim Club 1:33.52 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
5814Clovis Swim Club 1:34.35 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
5911Clovis Swim Club 1:37.11 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
6010Clovis Swim Club 1:40.25 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
6111Clovis Swim Club 1:40.39 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
62 9Clovis Swim Club 1:40.83 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
6311Clovis Swim Club 1:40.86 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
64 8Clovis Swim Club 1:41.12 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
6511Clovis Swim Club 1:42.11 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
6610Clovis Swim Club 1:43.92 4/27/24CC Merced Skimm
67 9Clovis Swim Club 1:46.97 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
68 9Clovis Swim Club 1:47.54 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
6910Clovis Swim Club 1:48.25 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
70 9Clovis Swim Club 1:49.31 6/22/24FDST June A/B M
71 8Clovis Swim Club 1:51.00 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
72 6Clovis Swim Club 1:58.71 4/13/24TNT Spring LC A
7310Clovis Swim Club 1:59.49 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem
74 7Clovis Swim Club 2:00.49 4/27/24CC Merced Skimm
75 8Clovis Swim Club 2:04.12 5/25/24Mike Snyder Mem

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