North Dakota Swimming Rankings

The Swim Rankings cover a one year period, starting on September 1 and ending on August 31.

Latest Swim Meets

The Swim Rankings are updated on a regular basis. Typically, we will update the Swim Rankings within 48 hours of the results being posted.

Date Short Course Meet Date Long Course Meet
2/24/2024 2024 ND Boys WDA 7/21/2023 2023 ND Long Course State Championship
2/24/2024 2024 ND Boys EDC 7/8/2023 2023 ND Summer Sizzler
2/11/2024 2024 ND Valentine Meet 6/21/2023 2023 ND Summer Kick Off
2/10/2024 2024 ND Minot iSquad 6/10/2023 2023 ND Bill Siders Invitational
2/10/2024 2024 ND 10 and under West Dakota Consolation Champ 6/9/2023 2023 ND WSL Tumbleweed Classic
2/3/2024 2024 ND Prochnow Invitational 6/7/2023 2023 ND FM Gators Under the Lights
2/2/2024 2024 ND Mardi Gras 6/3/2023 2023 ND AQST Early Bird
1/28/2024 2024 ND Mid-Winter Classic 5/13/2023 2023 ND RRV Summer Triangular
1/27/2024 2024 ND Winter Fun 7/22/2022 2022 ND LC Championship
1/20/2024 2024 ND Marv Feist Invitational 7/16/2022 2022 ND RRV Walleye Invitational

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